Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Leadership Training for your staff and/or lay leadership

31 years of ministry and reflecting has brought me to the conclusion, the investment I made in my leadership team, the men of my church and other pastors has been the most rewarding aspect of my ministry.
I would be honored to help you kick off the new year investing in your staff and/or lay leadership team with a leadership training event. 
We can work in the perimeters of your time frame.   Most of the training events I do are Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon. I can teach your team for 45 minutes up to 3 ½  hours with a Saturday 8 to 11:30 event.
I will work with you helping you equip and develop loyal followers and leaders. I’m here to serve you.
You and your team won’t be disappointed because I know your time is valuable and I know I don’t like sitting in boring and fruitless meetings.
This training event WILL have lasting positive results and if you are not 100% satisfied, then you owe me nothing. I am here to help you and I want to earn your life-long friendship and partnership and I plan to earn it if you give me the opportunity.
Here's a few event topics:
Unlock Your Leadership Potential

(This material covers all areas of lay and staff led ministry)
13 Attributes For Successful Effective Leadership

(This material is primarily for Pastors & staff leadership)

The Wisdom of a Wise Man

Call today to discuss a Fan the Flame Training event, Men's Conference for Revival Meeting. www.fantheflame.com

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