Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I Want To Escape!!

One of the things I am hearing too often is the number of men who are under considerable stress. The stress is derived by the overwhelming weight of responsibility to meet all the demands placed upon them in their many roles. Many want to escape and run from all the demands they feel they simply can not live up to. In fact, many men have already bolted. Maybe the only ones that can understand this plight are those who themselves are experiencing it. Too often, there seems to be no way out. To make matters worse it may seem as if God doesn't care. After all, He could change your situation in a second but He doesn't. What can you do?

I. Guard your thoughts

Think on things above not on things on the earth.

II. Grow your spiritual man

III. Keep praying no matter what

IV. Don't give up!

V. Don't let down your guard

VI. When you break through remember your brother who may be going through the same thing. Too many men that are greatly blessed are too inconsiderate of others

VII. Remember that God can give you favor in one moment and it change everything.

You are loved. We are here to listen and help anyway we can.

Blessings Evangelist Dennis Deese