Monday, May 31, 2010

Finances (Stewardship) Wisdom Thought 10

The Thrust of Luke 16:1-13 Many of this world have the worldly wisdom to know how to get their temporal wealth while at the same time, many, if not most of God’s children, who have spiritual light, are not wise enough to have spiritual wealth. Why? Because they don’t manage the secondary wealth correctly so God can’t entrust them with true wealth. The thrust of Jesus’ message in this passage is - Get your Stewardship in order because if you’re not trustworthy in handling worldly wealth, how can I entrust in you true riches (spiritual wealth).

"If you don't master your money, it will master you and Jesus said you can't serve two masters" Dennis Deese

What can you do today? 1. Start tithing & giving offering 2. By stopping unneeded and wasteful spending 3. By paying off your current debt (paying off bills by applying every extra income you can to your current debt) Pay off your smallest debt first by applying any additional money you receive on that bill. Once you have paid your smallest bill off, then take the amount you were paying on that bill and apply it with the payment on your next lowest debt - you will be putting the two former payments together and now any additional money you receive apply it with the two payments to your current lowest payment. (This method it slow at first - but it has a snowball effect - the opposite of debt and interest) An Example:You are paying Visa $150 per month and MasterCard $150 per month and Discover $200 per month. Once you have paid off Visa you would then be paying MasterCard $300.00 per month (the first two payment combined). Once Master card was paid off you would then be paying Discover $500.00 per month (all three payments combined). 4. Getting rid of your credit cards (except for one) 5. Paying off the one credit card you have each month