Thursday, April 29, 2010

Personal Development - Wisdom Thought #7

Someone has rightly stated, "When you are through growing you are through." As I reflect over the past 52 years of my life and in particular the past 27 that I have been saved, there are many things that have led to my personal growth: First, Study in themes. I studied leadership for five years. In other words, nearly everything I read and listened to was related to leadership during that time. John Maxwell was my primary study mentor during that time frame. Second, take a book of the Bible like Ephesians and read it everyday for 90 days. Then move to a larger book of the Bible (like The Book of John) and break in down into 5 chapter segments. For example, read the first 5 chapters 90 days then move to the next five chapters etc. until you finish the book. Keep Growing - Your Mentor Evangelist Dennis Deese

For futher Development be sure to order your copy of my new book, "Why I Can't Quit" (Why you shouldn't either). It will inspire you to keep moving forward even if it's just a baby step. Next thing you know you will be taking GAINT leaps. Blessings.